Episode 99: The one about consumer guides, books and business cards

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  • January 14, 2013
  • Joe and Dean discuss the ‘major tentacles of marketing’ to help you become a marketing and money-getting master
  • Dean shares some surprising uses for the Consumer Awareness Guide (and how to make the most ‘cheese like’ offer)
  • The best way to leverage your message How to write a valuable book faster and easier than you ever thought possible (even if you can’t write!)
  • Dean reveals his ‘effortless verb’ list that could simplify your life and increase your productivity


  • Is this REALLY your last episode????  Episode 100 I mean???  I LOVE THIS SHOW!  Are you joking or serious?

  • Curtis Crawford

    Dean, When will your book(s) be availible on CreateSpace?

  • This is not our last episode, actually we are doing a live episode tomorrow night…

  • not at all Joseph! We are still doing them…

  • Lee Wright

    Whenever I drive in the car I listen.  I just got back from a trip up the coast which is 4 hours each way so I listened to this episode then went back over some older episodes.   I always pick up new things listening to previous shows.  Please keep the episodes at least 1 hour – they are so great & the time just goes so quickly when I listen.  

  • Lee Wright

     Dean I was fascinated by your story about the UK financial advisor.  Firstly I was amazed by the 18% response rate & the way it increased from 3% after removing the “whiskers”   Was this ad run on the company website?   Did getting the report require email opt-in? 

  • Lee Wright

    Hope I’m not hogging the comments page again but I just think it’s a relevant question.   Dean talked about the idea of reports being free of obvious commercial intent.   Does this mean you shouldn’t put the report on your company website because just by virtue of it being your website it has commercial intent.   Is it better to put the report somewhere else say on a separate website that is just about the information & with nothing much about the company?

  • Lee, I think it’s totally fine to put useful information on your website and everywhere else you can offer it (or allow people to request it) because that’s what helps people make an informed decision on how to buy!  And test everything.  JOE

  • Please keep the episodes at 1 hour, I love the back and forth banter you two have while discussing a topic in depth

  • Lee, there’s nothing wrong with having reports on your website at all…and I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with free reports have commercial intent. It’s the overtness. There’s definitely a difference between a report called  “January 2013 Report on Winter Haven Lakefront House Prices” and “7 ways Julie Matthews Can Help You Sell Your House Faster and For More Money”. Just focus on the cheese for Profit Activator 2…and save the “convincing” for profit activator 3.

  • Lee Wright

    Thanks Dean (& Joe).  The reason I was asking this was because I’ve got a report with an opt-in on my site but it’s only getting a 0.6%  response.  If I could get 3% like your financial advisor client I’d actually be pretty happy with that but if I could get 18% then I’d be over the moon!   I can’t work out what’s wrong.  I’ve tried to view it from my prospect’s point of view & make it all cheese.  I’ve really worked on the copy & I can’t think of anything better than what I’ve got.    This is the site:     http://sydneypahire.com/     Love to hear your thoughts.  Thanks.  Lee.

  • hookang

    Can you post an image of the Amazon Creative Space Breakthrough DNA book that you made?

  • John Smallwood

    Starting listening the Podcasts in early december and have gone back to 81 looking forward to going back to 1!  Great Value and Great thinking, thank you.  Came to Chicago yesterday for Coach 10X today and did the 50 20 50 yesterday afternoon.  Wow!  I realized how stuck I am in over connectivity, multitasking sucking my value.  Thank you!

  • John Smallwood

    Just finished 81!  Love the Blue Man Group vs Sig & Roy!   Leveraging the message is the perfect strategy for 10X growth

  • Lee – I went to your site, and because the entire rest of the page SCREAMS selling your wares, it kinda drowns out any implications of “no whiskers” you may be trying to convey via the opt-in form. So, in your case, I would move the opt-in to a different page or to a site with its own domain. OR re-work your landing page to be less selling right out of the gate. Just my initial impression.


  • Lee Wright

     Thanks Terry.   The big problem is finding a place to put the ad for my free report.  Pay per click is pretty expensive.  I’m thinking of creating a separate site, perhaps a directory of PA hire suppliers that has tips & resources etc where I could put my opt-in form.  That might appear more cheese-like.

  • Lee, Even making the offer box and text font larger – even much larger – may put more focus upon the “cheese” offer of the page. I realize that this landing page is likely a key approach to how you are doing your selling, so you are trying to double-duty this necessarily. 

    BTW – PPC needn’t be expensive if you write your ads to discourage tire-kickers and attract wallet-out customers. But the “cheese” offer is perhaps for those early in the prospect cycle? 

    Yeah – it is a tough call. Maybe just make some tests with the whole opt-in larger to start out. (I had to look for it!) 

    And remember – Facebook lets you narrow target markets to an extremely narrow focus through its demographic targeting, which keeps that inexpensive. In any PPC effort, keep the target as narrow as possible so you can test your ad copy before widening the reach. [EDIT: Or always keep targets narrow and optimize the ad copy for each narrow segment, of course, as per Activator #1!]

  • I think your 101 Episode (just because of the title) should be “Super Fun”. Just my thoughts. I would love an episode of listeners calling and leaving a message on what they implemented and how successful it was. Dean could introduce the episode and the rest could be (no longer the 5 min. blurbs) messages of the success people have had from listening to “I Love Marketing”. Thanks Joe and Dean!

  • Lee Wright

     That’s a great idea & would be a great encouragement.

  • Sara Martin

    Keep the episodes a full hour! People can listen to them on fast forward if they want something shorter. I’m with Dean — there’s something great about seeing a whole hour of content ahead of you. It’s just great! And happy 100 episodes, guys. I know I’m not alone in saying ILOVEMARKETING has changed my life…one hour at a time. Thank you!

  • Bronx FitnessDog

    Love, love, love your podcasts. I wouldn’t mind 30 minutes shows–I usually end up listening to a show in two 30-minute sessions (which is OK too, because it just reinforces for me). AWESOME tip about Amazon–I already have a couple of free ebooks written for my audiences, will be looking into this. Looking forward to more.

  • I wrote my consumer guide a while ago… Have a couple question though. It’s for real estate, I am wrote about the pitfalls that people fall into when buying real estate and how to avoid them. These are rather unpleasant things people can experience such as not being able to reach their Realtor or somebody that doesn’t negotiate on price so they spend more, etc. (1) Curious how do you write about this sort of thing and maintain a positive frame / presentation? (2) these are the pitfalls people fall into because they are focused on other items of information. So how would you get people to absorb such a guide?

  • The answer dawned on me after re-listening to the podcast. I need to re-write it so I’m compelling people to read first (save thousands with these simple tips) then convince them of the right things to try in real estate (work with agents that know how to negotiate).

  • James Brine

    Hi Guys.

    I’ve been listening to your first 10 episdoes again through itunes and you mention you have an outline for creating the consumer awareness guide that you would post on the site. Any chance you could guide me to where that is. Oh and by the way thank so much for everything you do to help people improve their business and their life. It’s making a huge difference to mine. Great Stuff

  • Hey Matthew,

    How is your consumer guide working now?


  • Jim Hacking

    As I cruise to episode 100 from start to finish, I am re-listening to this episode because I FINALLY understand the difference between convincing and compelling. Got it!