Episode 95: The one about making Better Offers

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  • November 29, 2012
  • How timing and perspective changes the effectiveness of your offer
  • Dean and Joe share their insights and process for making ‘The Best Offer’
  • How to use a ‘compelling offer’, ‘results thinking’, and ‘free offers’ to get more customers
  • The safest and lowest risk way to test your best offer
  • How the very best experience and result goes hand in hand with the very best offer and marketing
  • Dean and Joe share the difference between a compelling offer and a convicing argument


  • G’Day Guys
    Thanks for another great podcast. I just put my offer and a number of variations to my peer group on LinkedIn. (Plus the link back to this podcast.) 
    Homework done – now just need a to see what variations the crowdsourcing brings back.
    PS – do you think there should be a dollar limit to what you give away? Eg sell fish give a fish worth. Sell video give a video? Clearly car manufacturers can’t give cars away.

  • Hope it’s OK to hog the comments section for this episode but it’s seems I’m the only one & it’s relevant.    Anyway I’ve been helping another business to market their online business directory for hotels.   I’ve been using the Cheese & Whiskers idea which I think is an incredibly useful way to think about it.   I’ve been really focusing on the cheese i.e. “more bookings” in my marketing.   I’ve also been using multi-step emails.   I also like Dean’s idea of getting a result first before being paid.  We’ve given them free listings that have been generating boatloads of enquiries – it’s very trackable.   Many of them would be making $300-$700 per month from their listing for which we want $49 per month for.  The only problem is we just don’t seem to be getting much response.   I’ve had one customer susbscribe out of 80!  One of them admitted to me that he’s getting a 5:1 sales conversion i.e. a 20% cost of sales for marketing, but that’s not good enough for him.    I’m thinking of getting really aggressive with these guys & just booting them off if they don’t hurry up & pay.  Not sure what tactic to use.


    Great episode again.  I’ve been
    trying free offers but nobody’s accepting them.  I’ve seen Joe’s joint venture letter to dry cleaners &
    decided to try something similar in my industry.   I hire out audio visual equipment.  I sent out emails to 2 local party hire companies & 3 Scout
    halls about 3 weeks ago.  I got back one
    “semi interested” response but nothing else. 


    My free offer is mighty generous, a PA system, delivered, setup &
    picked up valued at $199.   I hire out
    about 3 similar systems per week to paying customers for $300 each.


    Not really sure why it’s not working.