Interview with B. Jeffrey Madoff – #94

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  • November 19, 2012
  • J

    Joe, thanks for interviewing Jeff.

    I’ve been watching iLM for a couple of years, and have to tell you this may be the best episode yet…

    This insight from a true genius, businessman, artist and marketer is fascinating.

    Hope to hear more from him sometime.

    Thanks again and keep it coming:)

  • The distinction between being driven and being obsessed is an interesting one. I think it would be great if culturally we could grow to appreciate and admire the driven, happy entrepreneurs as much as we do those who are obsessed to become and remain highly successful (in terms of money and power).

  • “A brand is a story well-told” – Jeff Madoff
    This was an interesting way of capturing the essence of brand-building.

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  • Another great interview, I have been listening to I Love Marketing since I discovered about it this year, the information is invaluable.
    This was the best and clearest definition of Brand (a story well told) and Branding (getting the message out)by Jeff Madoff I have ever heard.
    Every entrepreneur should be listening to I Love Marekting.

  • Hey guys! Thanks for everything once again! I just want to let you know that I spent the last hour of my 20s listening to I Love Marketing. I turned 30 near the end of the episode… All in all, a pretty good way to celebrate a birthday. If y’all come to Madrid I’ll buy you dinner, the podcast is AWESOME.

  • Marc Rodill

    This episode rocked. Smart cookie. I went from “Oh, no. Not branding stuff…” to “Wow, hey, that was really insightful.” Loved it. Lots of good takeaways. Thanks Joe.


  • Marc Rodill

    PS. Ron Nakamoto reminded me of Maddoff’s insight about obsession. And Joe shared Halbert’s quote about the world being built on the back of it’s neurotics. I remember Gary also had a similar thing to say about obsession.

    It’s about one of the copywriting students he took on, which he mentioned in his newsletter. He said knew this student was going to be successful because the guy had the key element to getting really good at it: he was totally obsessed with the craft.

    From what I can tell, it worked out for the guy.


  • He sure is dressed freaky deaky!

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    This was a great interview

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  • Can’t wait to see who joe interviews next.

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  • Well done Joe. Love that epic line at the 20 minute mark – “A Brand is a story well told.” 

  • “I don’t want to live in the ‘time and effort economy’, I want to live in the ‘results economy.'”  Well said, Joe! Great interview – thanks to both of you for sharing.