The one about Accurate Thinking – #93

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  • November 13, 2012
  • Mark

    Wow, just started listening a few weeks ago. These podcasts are awesome, really changes the way you think about everything. Although I dont have a business im applying the markeing ideas you talk about to other areas of my life and am seeing real results. Truly amazing, Thanks.

  • Cody

    “how can you relate the examples provided to your own business?”. Literally one of the best takeaways from your messages. Thinking about your before, during and after method in my business makes it so enjoyable to come up with a recipe for a new experience for my client.

    There are so many excellent things to take away from your talks don’t let one or two negative puppet individuals get to you guys. You’re literally making people who apply this stuff 2x to10x their business revenues but more importantly help make it more enjoyable to own a business. This is awesome.

  • apl

    Awesome episode (for the most part). Great idea of documenting “at delivery” and tying in to create referrals and customer for life.

    The brilliant thinking is masked by the simpleness of “before/during/after” which helps put order to a seemingly chaotic process of marketing, providing product and mining the customer into an understandable and organized pursuit. It’s helped me for years to not front load my efforts on the before which is so easy to get wrapped up in. Creating a well balanced b/d/a is vital to any business and makes the reliance of the “before” less of a potential threat to your profitability. —Now to my most recent appearance on the ILM podcast;

    @Joe- Seems like you are implying that I made that “thought leader” comment. I didn’t, I actually corrected that person about several of his statements on how they are incorrect and/or how he should take the information and find a way to benefit from it.

    And you are also implying that I’m criticizing your marketing methods’ success probabilities. Nothing is further from the truth. I praise the effectiveness of your strategies and tactics that you teach. I’ve done so many times. You and other smart marketers have helped me make great money. Speaking of, good job on not letting everyone come away with the idea that all Mercedes stores have poor cust service. I’ve experienced top-notch and piss-poor buying and service at both BMW and Mercedes. It all depends on the management of that particular dealer. Moving forward…

    @Dean- You are implying that I am criticizing that many of your guests sell relatively high-priced products. In reality, I highly recommend serious marketers to buy their products -if they are actually going to use and implement. There is nothing evil about selling a good product. And there is nothing evil about being a skilled sales person when selling it… I’ve made that clear over and over again. If you think that I said or implied it anywhere please let me know. I was just pointing out the tactic that is occurring when the guest comes on this podcast or gets on the stage at the live event. Yes, most of these appearances are “pitches”… thanks for finally admitting that instead of positioning guest episodes as a marketing goldmine for listeners.

    ….I’m not sure what the point was of mentioning my contributions to this site on the podcast only to cast them as something they are clearly not…

    …Is it to drive traffic to this site because listeners are mainly only engaging through itunes downloads… so they can see what you are talking about on the website which will lead to a percentage having their contact info captured? Or are you unhappy about me showing listeners what is going on when “guests” comes on and now you have to address it for damage control purposes? Maybe all and more;

    It can’t be because you truly believe what you said about me>> because they aren’t accurate.

  • Aaron

    Thanks for another great episode guys. Seems, though, that you’re not “feelin’ the love” these days… or something. I’m as guilty as thousands of others because I’ve listened to every single episode at least once and have learned a tonne from them. Keep it up! Please! And don’t give the naysayers a second thought! They don’t deserve a response and they certainly don’t deserve any airtime!

    Thanks again for all you’re doing to educate us!!

  • Kevin

    As an ex speical force guy i say you chaps(Dean +Senator Polish) are the navy Seals of Marketing .So fuck the negative people out there and get with the program seen your type many times before.Oxygen thieves .

  • Kevin

    Im using the 8PA to push insurance products into car dealers Im also applying the 10x methodology .Anyhow its all about ELF @ the end of the day

  • “Architect a remarkable experience.” Inspiring and reality-based — love it!