Behind-the-scenes Peek at the Exclusive X Prize Foundation Adventure and Insights About Contests

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  • February 19, 2013

Episode 103:

  • Joe gives you a behind-the-scenes peek at the exclusive X Prize Foundation Adventure and Innovation Trip he attended
  • How to use prizes, incentives and crowd sourcing to get the most successful people creating breakthroughs for you
  •  Joe explains the Deep Psychology Of Contests that can transform your business, your health, and your life
  • The one book (and video) you should read (and watch) to discover how to create competitions your customers will love being a part of


  • Hey Joe, I’ve been thinking about contest and started one since the last IML meetup and hearing about it.  I think there are lots of applications for this even on a smaller scale.  Do the prizes normally work better as to say they would win an iPad [product] rather than win $400 cash or whatever the value is?  

  • Thanks you two for making this a super hot topic.  I was listening to it when I was running in -1 degree weather that perhaps has permanently frozen one of my kahonnas.

    I like the Prize challenge.  In the intereview, Peter or whomever came close to loosing everything just before the Galatica team won it.  I have a “big” idea that will change flight.  Using IM, I can tell so many presell a paid webinar to generate income before spending some of it on the webinar.  How would you sell online flight instruction education with a grand prize of $10,000 to be used for flight lesson (Private Pilot) to the winner?



  • So sick!  My buddy Harold and I finally had a chance to check out a Tesla dealership this past weekend (inside of a shopping mall in Toronto).  Insane… the place was packed!! Elon Musk is a defining figure when it comes to inspiration in the entrepreneur space.  

    Joe, Dean – ya’ll are so cool for doing this stuff, and giving us these inside views… priceless perspective for real!

  • Guys, I appreciate what you do so much. I look forward to your podcasts, and what you do is literally life-changing. Thanks for that. I also love the idea of contests, this was great, great material. I’ve got to do this with my Clients!

  • name_Michael

    Speaking of audio quality, James Schramko just did a podcast about https://auphonic.com/
    Apparently it cleans/balances/pumps audio and video-audio that you load into it. hth.

  • Ben Davis

    I would like to download this podcast to “listen on the move”,… what happened to the link?

    ps. great job, I appreciate all the high-value advice packed into your podcasts!!!

  • Are the transcripts exclusive to the I Love Marketing volumes now?

  • RachelleDiaz

    We are a bit behind in getting the transcripts online as they take a bit longer to create than the audio. Stay tuned and we will let you know when all transcripts are available. 🙂 Thank you for listening and being part of the I Love Marketing community!

  • Thanks. I’ve finally caught up to the most recent episode, listening to almost every episode that I want to listen to now.

  • Renaud Gagné

    Contest are very powerful. I’ve recently been involved in my community and I am now responsable for marketing and media for the Whale Festival. Having 3 goals in mind:
    1- Engage the community (Content Marketing)
    2- Create an email list
    3- Triple the attendance

    I quickly realized that what they’ve been doing in the past was mostly “push marketing” and if I wanted to attain those 3 objectives I had to use Direct-Response…and using a Contest was the perfect match.

    First will be a sweepstake prize advertise on medias(lead capture)
    Second, is a 3 category contest: best video, best photo and best story

    All of them answering 2 questions:
    1- What they like best about the whale festival
    2- Why is the Whale Festival Important to them

    The Contestant will win by the votes they get thus providing us with Traffic and Content
    to promote on our blog.

    All our media will go toward getting people into the contest.

    I didn’t think of a better way to attain those 3 objectives…anyone can add an idea to that?