The one to celebrate our 100th episode! – #100

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  • January 21, 2013
  • Here it is…we hit 100!  

  • paulcolligan

    Congrats on a 100 episodes guys.  So impressive.  Such good stuff.  I think you might be putting some colleges out of business soon.

  • Benjamin Edwards

    Well done guys!  I am loving Ilovemarketing podcast!

  • Benjamin Edwards

    I look forward to the next 100 now 🙂

  • Benjamin Edwards

    Guys, I want to purchase the DVD from the live event, the link on the right is not working for me.
    Thanks!  I love marketing!

  • Great job Dean and Joe! Good Luck!

  • RK Castillo

    100 Episodes is fantabulous!  Sorry for my lame question.  I felt like I didn’t ask it correctly.  Afterwards I thought of another way to ask it.  When you are first starting what is a good number of post cards to send out?  I assume 10 or 20 postcards is not enough to call it a good test?  

  • Dean and Joe – I missed the live call yesterday but was so happy to see it posted today.  Once again, you’ve hit it out of the ballpark!  This interview with Brendon and the two of you is excellent.  I Love Marketing is one of the most consistent, easy to apply, logical approaches to marketing that I’ve ever found.  Love you guys!  I download most of the calls to CD and take with me to listen to in the car.  You make me laugh and think about what I do in my business.  THANK YOU!

  • i am about to finish listening every single episode! I am listening to the 98th right now: enjoying it much!

    I was here for the 100th 😉 it was 2 am here in Switzerland and i putted an alarm to be present… felt a bit sad when you said there was 200 participants and you got 3 on the line, i was maybe the 4th, waiting 😉 Wanted to say how much I improved all this… maybe another time 😉

    the only one critics i have is about “volume” and sound, sometime it get pretty tricky to hear at episodes outside (or even inside)… so if you can find a way to “manage” this, you would be at 150% 😉

    by the way, Dean is still ahead with one more point Joe! 😉

    i still do not believe in god, but i would have say: God bless you 😉

  • RK, general rule of thumb is that if you’re mailing postcards to a list that you don’t already have a relationship with (ie a “cold list”), a response rate of one tenth of 1% is doing “well.”

  • Joe and Dean,
    Missed you at Coach yesterday. Congrats on your 100th episode and what a perfect guest to help mark this event. Great discussion.

  • Terrific! What a great day to celebrate! 100 episodes of pure gold and great hearts. Thank you! 

  • Congratulations. Very nice. Keep on keepin on! 

  • Awesome Awesome Awesome.. I definitely got my money’s worth! 🙂   Happy 100th!

  • Congratulations guys and thank you for answering my question 😉

  • David Harkness

    Where do you find transcripts and show notes? 

  • Lee Wright

    Congratulations on 100 episodes.   This has been such a blessing for me & my business!

  • a_ple

    Oh man, that is dangerous advice. Without getting too deep into it, it mostly depends on the quality of the list and the offer: .1% may be great or it may be business killing, same with 20%. Economics of your business it substantial factor to determine a successful response measure. 

  • RK Castillo

    I’m not so much wondering about response rate but how many post cards to start out with…say 200?  or 1,000?  

  • a_ple

    It depends. Who are you sending to, how did you acquire the list, what is the offer. Sorry, there is no answer that suits every situation. 

    You say the list is cold but who are they, is it a compiled or response list, how old is the list, and on and on. If someone gives you an answer without asking these questions you should not take that advice.

    I haven’t listened to 100 yet so I may be missing some of your BG.

  •  “Dangerous advice”? I wasn’t giving advice. I was educating him about how low response rates can be in direct mail to point out that you need to send out a pretty high quantity to have statistically relevant results.

  • Lee Wright

     Yes statistical significance  is really the Elephant in the room.   It’s a completely different issue from whether a particular response rate is good or bad for your business.    I’d be thinking you’d want to do 50 to 100 to work our an accurate response rate.

  • a_ple

    I don’t want to argue here so I’ll just let it be. I stand behind my comment. Thanks.

  • Richard Wilson