The one where we start at the beginning

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  • January 16, 2010
  • http://www.joaniemcmahon.com Joanie

    Hey this is a really great conversation from two great marketers. So nice to hear stories. I like the causalness & ease of it all. Thanks Joe and Dean !! Appreciate you both. Joanie

  • http://www.zac.biz Zac Pasmanick

    Dean that was great. Thanks for all you do for our industry.

  • http://www.notapennydon.com Mark Fidgett

    Nice job Dean & Joe. Men after my own heart. I love marketing too :)

  • http://www.undergroundtraininglab.com/ Jeff Johnson

    Dean is definitely the King of Leisure and all good times… he and Joe are also marketing geniuses so I’m looking foward to the new podcast!

  • Susan in AZ

    Thank goodness Dean and Joe are two very lazy guys!
    Thanks guys! Keep it coming!

  • Andy Wilson

    This was fantastic!
    I can’t wait to hear next week – as I just finished reading the Gary Halbert Newsletters.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/maksimovic_m Marko Maksimovic

    I am very excited because I will listen to you!!! And I hope it will be usefull for us, interet marketing enthusiasts!! Good luck!

  • http://CBmall.com Jeff Mulligan

    Great to listen to two real pros share ideas on what’s working now.

  • http://cleaningcarpetinlasvegas.com Jay Jetty

    Good stuff guys.

    But I would sure like to hear some examples that we could translate into something that we implement.

  • http://thecutbridge.com Kenny MacCarthy

    I listened yesterday and’ve been talking about this podcast all day Dean. Showing what’s “inside” and then being able to “opt in” made SO much sense to me. Thanks for telling me what works and what’s been wrong with my site. You were talking to me, weren’t you? :)

  • http://www.rugchick.com Lisa

    Guys – great job setting the stage here. I think we all have that “first story” of what got us involved in learning the art/science/fun of direct response marketing.

    When you get to specific strategies it would be cool if you took some questions in your comments from your subscribers and address them in future episodes. Between you both I know there is not a type of business on the planet you can’t offer results-creating advice to.

    Thanks for the entertainment!

  • http://www.experiencetheprofit.com Patti

    Fun! Two great marketers having fun! Thanks Joe & Dean. Can’t wait to hear what you come up with next!

  • http://www.411businessmarketingsolutions.com Shaun

    You guys really took me back to my childhood of when I too was a paperboy. I can also remember selling subscriptions at a young age but never was quite so good to garner a trip to Disney. Great stuff!!!!

  • Light Sleeper

    Two Wild and LAZY Guys!!!

  • Brennan Kingsland

    WOW! I’m so glad I found this site after Frank Kern posted about it on Facebook. Thank you, Dean & Joe . . . and Thank you, Frank!

    I feel like the scales have dropped off my eyes!

  • http://www.25kgroup.com Joe Polish

    Thank You for listening! Dean and I really appreciate the comments and for helping us climb the charts at itunes! We love recording these podcasts and we can promise you that we will always share with you killer marketing methods, ideas and strategies that make money (if they are utilized) every week! Thanks!

  • http://seointernetmarketingmississauga.com Daniel

    I just got a link from Frank Kern to this blog. Guess I”ve got some catching up to do. Looks like more good stuff for me to absorb.

  • Dave

    I just heard about the ILM podcast through the Ducttape podcast episode with Dean Jackson. Great find!

    I’m starting through episode one, listening to it, and putting this stuff into action! My first question for this episode is about the opt-in page. How would you suggest I arrange getting email subscribers from a blog? Do you recommend the main index page be a squeeze page type thing or a banner ad with a link to an opt in page? Do you have an example?

  • http://www.webdesignmildura.com.au/ grant kennedy

    Hi Guys

    In this podcast there was a mention of a 15 minute video on focus that I think Dean has done?

    where can I find this video guys? i’d love to listen to it. focus is my biggest problem.

    cheers Grant

  • http://www.webdesignmildura.com.au/ Web Design Mildura

    Hi Guys

    In this podcast there was a mention of a 15 minute video on focus that I think Dean has done?

    where can I find this video guys? i’d love to listen to it. focus is my biggest problem.

    cheers Grant

  • Chandler

    Im also lookin for the video. I’m listening to all episodes from day 1. Focus is huge for me. The video sounds great.

  • http://benjaminedwardswebdesign.co.uk/ Benjamin Edwards

    This is an awesome podcast – best way to start marketing is listening to this!

  • Jim Hacking

    I have decided to listen to all of these in order. Please wish me luck. The content is amazing !

  • Cassandra Holland

    I’m doing the same! How are you going so far?

  • Bogdan

    me too :)

  • Chris Walker

    I just started from the beginnning yesterday too. College senior looking for any edge possible. Wish they taught this stuff in marketing courses at my university. Keep it up Joe and Dean, Thanks!