The Difference Between Sales And Marketing With Dan Sullivan – #158

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  • June 16, 2014


  •  Joe, Dean, and Dan discuss the difference between sales and marketing (and why marketing and selling can change your life)
  • Dan shares “The Three Types Of Sales” that overcome the biggest obstacles to business success
  • Two keys for being more effective at sales and reaching your bigger future (and why you’re already a greater salesperson than you think)
  • A big secret to business growth most entrepreneurs overlook – and how to get it right
  • Three action steps that set you up for lifelong success in business and life

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  • Dee Williams

    I would like to add to what Dan said: I think think some people hate selling or marketing because they are trust fund babies! I know a few of my family and friends like that. They do not need to make a living ever in their lives because their parents have provided funds for the rest of their lives!

  • yeah Dee, their loss right? 🙂

  • Carol Soares

    Great stuff! Brilliant perspective on sales/marketing. Love that “selling or the tooth fairy”.

  • thank you!

  • thanks @disqus_beFi789hPV:disqus!