Brian Kurtz and Perry Marshall on 80/20 Sales and Marketing

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  • November 24, 2013

In episode 134 Joe and Dean interview Brian Kurtz and Perry Marshall and they discuss:

  • The 80/20 Sales and Marketing Principles that help you get more leads, get more money, and change your life
  • The two life-changing epiphanies Perry Marshall had about 80/20 that give you x-ray vision into where the untapped profit is in your business
  • How to get the maximum profit possible with the least effort and time using the Principle of the Hyper Responsive Customer
  • Perry explains how “Racking Your Marketing And Sales Shotgun” reveals to you exactly which prospects will give you the most money
  • The reason why you have to be mercenary about getting money if you’re going to be generous and make the world a better place
  • Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced marketer, here’s how to master 80/20 and make more money without more work (and do it all for a penny)



  • Julian Reid

    Great talk, cant wait to read that book!
    cheers guys awesome again : )

  • Rohan Thompson

    Great podcast. I was really surprised to find that Dean and Joe hadn’t read 80/20 sales and marketing. Mike Rhodes recommended it to me and I think it’s the most important business book I’ve read thus far – along side the 8 profit activators because of its practical, high leverage and principle based approach :)

    Moreover, Perry’s book changes the way you think. Perry’s diagrams of 80/20 and the power curve really is a game changer. You can be walking down a street and notice that 80% of folks walk in the same 20% area of the walkway. Then you look closer and notice that 64% of folks walk in a more concentrated 4% of the path. From there you notice that 52% of folks are walking in practically the exact same path (about .8%) of the area.

    It really has fundamentally changed the way I experience, see and think about reality.

    Naturally, I added upsells to my funnel after reading the book and in the same day, paid for the book (shipping included) more than 60x times over.

    Dean and Joe, I think you’d both have great insights after reading 80/20 sales and marketing. Perhaps you could discuss it in another ilovemarketing podcast once you’ve read it?

    No doubt you’ll have plenty of insights that come from it – an in particular, the content on 80/20^2, 80/20^3, 80/20^4, and 80/20^5.

    Dan Sullivan would enjoy it too – especially since he’s doing 10x talk… Can I make a suggestion?

    Once Dan and Joe have read it, please discuss your insights on 10x talk and even try to get Perry on for an interview if you can. Why? Because 80/20 Sales and Marketing takes a 100x to 1000x perspective that 10x talk hasn’t touched on yet. The melting pot between Dan, Joe and Perry’s ideas really could be quite awesome.

    Perry really is an innovator of our time. He took Koch’s 80/20 principle and iterated it to the power curve to unlock the highest business leverage captured in a book (that I’ve come across) to date. Perry is going down in history for sure with this book. It’s a game changer.

  • chrishanlon

    I bought the book when Perry launched it and devoured it as soon as it arrived. Very impressed, and I am sure that I am not utilising this to it’s full potential.

    Also, I had to run and couldn’t listen to the end of the podcast away from my desk. -Why can’t I find “I Love Marketing” on Stitcher??! (on my Android Samsung S3)
    -I’ll see if they will add your feed…

  • Joe Polish

    Thanks Chrishanlon, if you can add the feed that would be awesome!

  • Graham Bell

    Please include your podcast in the Stitcher radio as it’s a more enjoyable experience than the native iPad podcasts app.

  • Graham Bell

    Here is the link to Stitcher. They just need a RSS feed from you.

  • chrishanlon

    Hey Joe, Did Stitcher get back to you?
    They replied to me on 27th Nov, saying they would look at adding your podcast to their directory… but I still haven’t seen it when I searched for it.

  • Joe Polish

    Not yet, but thank you!

  • Owen McGab Enaohwo

    I am looking forward to buying the audio version of Perry’s book once it becomes available

  • Fiona Ludeke

    I love Joe’s accent! How he says things like “roof” sounds more like “ruuff” and “via” sounds like “veea”. in Australia the way we say roof is much different so is via. Cute!

  • Jill Powers

    Did anyone have trouble getting the book from Brian’s site? Maybe it’s not available anymore…?

  • Jordan

    This was a really great podcast. I got some big realizations from it.. especially the concept of applying the 80/20 rule to segmenting your list multiple times. Segment 80/20 then segment that 80/20 then segment that 80/20. Awesome!