Interview with FUBU founder Daymond John – Bonus

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  • November 19, 2013

  • Three important question to ask yourself when starting a new venture or business
  • Daymond and Joe answer the question: Are entrepreneurs born or made?
  • Two best practices for succeeding as an entrepreneur and in business
  • What really goes on behind the scenes with the Sharks on Shark Tank
  • The Three Part Criteria Checklist Daymond uses before getting into an investment
  • One simple question you can ask, and one easy action step you can take, to avoid getting into Success Traps
  • Daymond gives you his perspective on Marketing that can give you and your company a positioning advantage
  • How Daymond started with nothing and ended up becoming influential and connected (and how you can maximize your contacts and relationships)
  • Tom Sweetman

    Brilliant Bonus. Such a humble and smart guy. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jay

    “I have a high pain tolerance” hahaha… that is so money!
    Over-delivering is the only way to separate yourself, and positioning your business with a movement you are promtoing are 2 huge take always for me.

  • Johnny Yakubik

    I really enjoyed that video. Especially the end when he started talking about after he lost his money and, got his business back together. Good Job Joe.

  • Great interview! Daymond is world class. Master positioner.

  • Mahdi Pessarakli, MD

    Fantastic! Thanks for posting this!

  • Brian Burkard

    Great interview! I love what Daymond said about leaving his EGO at the door and going in with a fresh and open mind willing to learn. Tell Daymond thanks for taking the time to share some wisdom with the I Love Marketing listeners. Looking forward to the longer interview in the future.

  • Hamza Ishaq

    Really awesome interview – really great to see how down to earth, knowledgeable and wise Damond John is.

  • Donald Jones

    Joe, I can identify with Daymond on the ego point. When I finally decided to leave my ego at the door in your group my world changed. This was a great interview. Thanks for sharing

  • Tim Francis

    Can you discuss how Miley Cyrus’ marketing method? How she is handling her marketing?

  • tranndee

    Can’t wait to the long interview. And I want to hear more on “maximizing contacts (relationships) even by 5%”.