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Archive for January, 2013


Episode 101:
The one about Branding

  • Joe shares his famous ” Branding = Bullshit ? ” discourse and what it can teach you about making money
  • Dean explains the difference between getting rich and getting famous (and how to turn ‘branding’ into targeted prospects who will give you money)
  • How Apple does effective education based marketing (and Joe gives his insights into why Branding is so pervasively used even though Direct Response is more effective)
  • What you need to do first and foremost before you start thinking about your brand
  • Dean shares the difference between getting your name ‘out there’ versus getting your ideal prospects name ‘in here’
  • How to turn ‘branding’ into ‘positioning’ and ‘engagement’ with the 8 Profit Activators

Episode 100:
The one to celebrate our 100th episode!

  • Dean and Joe celebrate 100 episodes with secret special guest
  • (Hint: It’s Brendon Burchard!)
  • Dean and Joe answer questions from email and take live calls
  • PLUS: Brendon shares his profitability standards for new campaigns…

Episode 99:
The one about consumer guides, books and business cards

  • Joe and Dean discuss the ‘major tentacles of marketing’ to help you become a marketing and money-getting master
  • Dean shares some surprising uses for the Consumer Awareness Guide (and how to make the most ‘cheese like’ offer)
  • The best way to leverage your message How to write a valuable book faster and easier than you ever thought possible (even if you can’t write!)
  • Dean reveals his ‘effortless verb’ list that could simplify your life and increase your productivity

Episode 98:
The one about GREAT (and bad) During Unit experiences

  • Dean and Joe talk about the best and worst recent experiences
  • Why it’s always best to take the side of your client in any experience
  • How luxury car dealers “blow it” with their customer experiences
  • How the littlest gestures can make a difference