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Episode 95: The one about making Better Offers

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  • How timing and perspective changes the effectiveness of your offer
  • Dean and Joe share their insights and process for making ‘The Best Offer’
  • How to use a ‘compelling offer’, ‘results thinking’, and ‘free offers’ to get more customers
  • The safest and lowest risk way to test your best offer
  • How the very best experience and result goes hand in hand with the very best offer and marketing
  • Dean and Joe share the difference between a compelling offer and a convicing argument


Interview with B. Jeffrey Madoff – #94

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Joe Polish Interviews B. Jeffrey Madoff, Founder of Madoff Productions the Innovative Company Behind the Victoria’s Secret Commercials, on creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, success, brand building, core values, marketing, social media, story telling and more.

The one about Accurate Thinking – #93

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  • Joe starts off with a review of everything we’ve talked about so far
  • Dean and Joe talk about how to THINK about applying the 8 Profit Activators
  • How to think about your During Unit timeline as a moving experience
  • How to think about MONEY and applying it in your business



Episode 92: The one about “intuition hacking” (With Michael Drew)

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  • Michael reveals the discoveries in his research for his book Pendulum.
  • 1 principle that has increased top-line revenue for Michael’s clients by 30%
  • A study into trends over the past 3000 years and how consumer behavior shifts in 40 year cycles
  • Why a new generation will grow up blaming technology and the IM industry around 2033
  • The Alpha mindset the Eminem and Elvis have in common, and how you need to adopt it to be successful in the current “we” cycle


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