Monthly Archives: November 2012

Episode 95: The one about making Better Offers

By | Advanced, Beginner, Blog, Intermediate, Podcast | 3 Comments
  • How timing and perspective changes the effectiveness of your offer
  • Dean and Joe share their insights and process for making ‘The Best Offer’
  • How to use a ‘compelling offer’, ‘results thinking’, and ‘free offers’ to get more customers
  • The safest and lowest risk way to test your best offer
  • How the very best experience and result goes hand in hand with the very best offer and marketing
  • Dean and Joe share the difference between a compelling offer and a convicing argument


Episode 92: The one about “intuition hacking” (With Michael Drew)

By | Advanced, Beginner, Blog, Intermediate, Podcast | 15 Comments
  • Michael reveals the discoveries in his research for his book Pendulum.
  • 1 principle that has increased top-line revenue for Michael’s clients by 30%
  • A study into trends over the past 3000 years and how consumer behavior shifts in 40 year cycles
  • Why a new generation will grow up blaming technology and the IM industry around 2033
  • The Alpha mindset the Eminem and Elvis have in common, and how you need to adopt it to be successful in the current “we” cycle


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