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Archive for September, 2012


Episode 89: The one about Strategic Objectives in your During Unit

Dean shares what he does when under stressful times

  • How to double the value of your During Unit experience
  • Strategic Objective examples from a restaurant experience
  • How to Architect breakthroughs in your During Unit

PDF  | MP3


Episode 88: The one with Mark Thompson

In episode #88, Joe and Dean interview Mark Thompson and they discuss:

  • Learn why it is important to know what your customers value
  • The ingenuity of collaborative filtering
  • How to strengthen relationships, both professional and personal


“You have to have a certain level of hubris and humility [to succeed].” ~Jim Collins

“Amateurs wait for inspiration; professionals do it with a headache.” ~Unknown (Joe heard it somewhere)


Larry Page’s 5 Questions to ask Oneself for Marketing:

  1. Has your customer been failed by your kind of service (even if it was from someone else) in the past?
  2. Why do people (your customers) perceive value in your competition? In other words, why would they go buy your competitors’ products?
  3. Why would a customer switch to your services? You should be able to answer this in less than twenty-five words (if you can’t you need to refine your mission)
  4. What are your assumptions of your competitors? Are the assumptions correct?
  5. What makes your customer (not company) profitable?

Episode 87: The Live Q&A Call

  • Joe and Dean’s brainstorm for a bike adventure company – super elegant idea to orchestrate incredible referrals…
  • Dean’s take on trespassing – how to get in front of your prospect without breaking the law…
  • Entertaining Facebook marketing – 10 Creepiest things found in carpet…
  • Brilliant strategy – a local luxury car dealership set up in Dean’s neighborhood…

Episode 86: The one with Tim Larkin

  • How to give people an “easy button” that make things “frictionless” for them (so you can get what you want)
  • How Tim and his partner went head-to-head against two of the greatest copywriters of all time in one of the most competitive markets…and won!
  • Why passion and delivery are so important for your success
  • How you can let go of physical (and mental) weight by listening to I Love Marketing!

Episode 085:
The one with Jeff Walker

  • Jeff talks about his 16 years of experience
  • Why Free trials work so well, and how Jeff has used them
  • The biggest lessons and the fundamentals of product launches
  • Marketing stamina and how we all get sick of our marketing before the market does
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