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Archive for September, 2012


Episode 89: The one about Strategic Objectives in your During Unit

Dean shares what he does when under stressful times

  • How to double the value of your During Unit experience
  • Strategic Objective examples from a restaurant experience
  • How to Architect breakthroughs in your During Unit

PDF  | MP3


Episode 88: The one with Mark Thompson


Episode 87: The Live Q&A Call

  • Joe and Dean’s brainstorm for a bike adventure company – super elegant idea to orchestrate incredible referrals…
  • Dean’s take on trespassing – how to get in front of your prospect without breaking the law…
  • Entertaining Facebook marketing – 10 Creepiest things found in carpet…
  • Brilliant strategy – a local luxury car dealership set up in Dean’s neighborhood…

“It ain’t braggin’ if you can do it” ~ John Wayne













Is our new watch waterproof?

What do you think?

(Thanks to JR for sending this to me)


Episode 86: The one with Tim Larkin

  • How to give people an “easy button” that make things “frictionless” for them (so you can get what you want)
  • How Tim and his partner went head-to-head against two of the greatest copywriters of all time in one of the most competitive markets…and won!
  • Why passion and delivery are so important for your success
  • How you can let go of physical (and mental) weight by listening to I Love Marketing!

Your Breakthrough Starts Right Now!


>> I Love Marketing Conference Invitation

(RSVP needed…please read and respond)

From: Toronto, CanadaYour Breakthrough Blueprint Starts Now!When we opened up the conference registration earlier in the summer
at the beginning of July, we started a 12 week program called the
Breakthrough Blueprint program…and it’sbeen going really well.We are going very deep into the psychology and best practices of
every one of the 8 Profit Activators.

Each week there are videos, audios and a workbook module with
exercises to guide you through the process of creating Breakthroughs
in the Before, During and After units of your business!

We have a few hundred people going through the program right now,
AND a smaller group of people who we selected as CASE STUDIES
that we are working with one on one, so we can brag about them at
the conference :)

I’ve been recording Laser Coaching calls with the case study group
and posting them in the members area, so you can see how I think
about applying the profit activators to all kinds of businesses.

We’re just wrapping up the BEFORE UNIT of the program and we are
moving into the DURING UNIT this week.

It’s been amazing to see the ads our case study members have been
able to create, and I’m still working with them one on one to make them
as compelling as they can possibly be.

Some of the case study members have already run the ads they created
and have reported amazing results. You’ll see inside.

So, what we’d like to do, is as soon as you register for the conference
today or tomorrow, have you join us for the rest of the Breakthrough
Blueprint program leading up to Phoenix in October!

The entire BEFORE unit is already online and you can jump right in
to getting started, and then slide right into the DURING unit
and AFTER unit.

You get access to our members area, with your own username and
password, so you can start getting to work right away.

We’re having a Q&A call next week, so you can join in on that too.

After the conference the Breakthrough Blueprint program will be
sold separately and will be at least $997…but we want you to have
it as a gift for coming to the conference in October.

The theme of this years conference is Your Breakthrough Blueprint, and
we’re going to spend time sharing the biggest breakthrough areas in
your Before, During and After units.

We’ll be dissecting some of the most compelling campaigns we’re using
in our own business right now, AND sharing the very best campaigns
we created with our Case Study group this summer.

We’ve also got some incredible speakers lined up for you, including:

>> Marie Forleo:

 Joe and I are very happy that our dear friend (and SUPER successful businesswoman) Marie Forleo is going to join us    this year.

Marie is best known for her Rich, Happy and Hot Business school for women entrepreneurs, and she’s going to be sharing some of her very best ideas for creating Raving Fan Experiences.


>> Ed Dale:

If you’ve got an iPad, you’re probably noticing more and more magazines
are coming on the Newstand, and our friend Ed Dale is the man responsible
for many of these publications.

Ed has been getting himself (and his members) at the very front of the WAVE
of iPad publishing with a technique he calls “MagCasting”.

He’s going to show us the huge potential of iPad Newstand publishing and
give us an inside look at how hundreds of people are already creating
money-making iPad magazines…and how YOU can do it too.

Plus, we’ll have a special surprise at the conference :)

>> Dr. Ned Hallowell

Dr. Hallowell is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet…and he’s also got a keen understanding of the entrepreneurial mind as a leading authority on ADHD and ADD.

He’s been on Oprah, Dr. Oz, 20/20, Good Morning America and has written 18 best-selling books.

One conversation I had with Dr. Hallowell earlier this year, has been responsible for over $192,000 (and counting) in EXTRA revenue to me in just the last 90 days.

I’ll tell you (and him) all about it at the conference. I shared this with him briefly in New York a few weeks ago…but I’m going to reveal the idea he gave me when we’re in Phoenix.

I don’t want to be too dramatic, but this may literrally change your life.

>> Robin Robins

Robin is an incredible marketer and strategist. She has been focused in creating marketing systems and training programs for IT companies.

The thing I love about Robin is that she is RELENTLESSLY focused on creating continuity programs that have what she calls “cell phone stick rates”. She’ll share what she’s discovered about creating coaching programs and membership programs that people never want to leave.


>> PLUS: The Incredible Hulk – Lou Ferrigno!




Here’s what you need to know about the details:

1. The conference is in Phoenix on October 3rd to 5th.

2. If you’re staying at the conference hotel…the group room rate is $132
and that includes breakfast each morning, PLUS: complimentary transport
from the Phoenix Airport and back.

We’ll get you all the hotel details when you register.

3. The conference will start at 9am each morning…with a break for lunch
and breaks throughout the day. We’ll wrap up right around 5pm

4. The conference registration PLUS: Breakthrough Blueprint online
is $997 and registration will officially open on Wednesday for everyone.

We are opening registration for you RIGHT NOW…so you can attend the conference LIVE for only $997 when you register right now using THIS link:

>> ILM2 Ticket – $997 (PLUS: Breakthrough Blueprint – FREE)

PLUS: You get Immediate Access to the Breakthrough Blueprint Program online TODAY!

I hope you can join us!

PS – if you’re coming, leave a comment and let us know by saying I’M COMING TO PHOENIX in the comments!


Episode 085:
The one with Jeff Walker

  • Jeff talks about his 16 years of experience
  • Why Free trials work so well, and how Jeff has used them
  • The biggest lessons and the fundamentals of product launches
  • Marketing stamina and how we all get sick of our marketing before the market does
  • Check out Jeff’s latest launch training - Click Here
Take a look at The exact formula that Jeff Walker’s students have used to generate more than $500 million in sales in hundreds of different markets in his new book, Launch…