Monthly Archives: June 2012

Episode 074: The one with Anthony Melchiorri from Hotel Impossible

By | Advanced, Beginner, Blog, Intermediate, Podcast | 6 Comments
  • Client experience architecture
  • Focusing on what you do well
  • Anticipating needs
  • Anthony talks about his experience at the Algonquin Hotel
  • How your customers are watching everything you do
  • Obsessing over details
  • Being who you are
  • Being the best or not the best

Episode 072: The Impromptu I Love Marketing Meetup Group [Part 1]

By | Advanced, Beginner, Blog, Intermediate, Podcast | 10 Comments
  • Dean and Joe do a Q&A session
  • In 30 seconds something that’s been done that’s worth 250k
  • How to package and present your business
  • How to build your credibility by giving people confidence
  • Investing in getting results for your prospects
  • Lessons from Cyrus Mccormick
  • Getting people engaged in a bigger future

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