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Episode 067: The one about immediate money getting ideas

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  • Pricing psychology and how to raise your prices by 10%
  • Assets that everybody has that can easily be deployed
  • 3 things that are very easy to implement that can have a dramatic impact
  • How to lose 40% of your revenue and still maintain the same bottom line profit
  • Why you can’t be the low cost leader

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Brendon Burchard on How To Structure Your Expertise So People Pay For Your Knowledge – #66

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Joe and Dean interview  Brendon Burchard, in this episode they discuss:

  • Brendon talks about learning how to market a message
  • Seeing yourself as an expert
  • People’s willingness to pay for knowledge
  • Succeeding more and demanding more
  • Raising people’s level of ambition
  • What makes great videos
  • Structuring your expertise in frameworks
  • Activating the 10 human drives that make you feel alive

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Episode 063: The one where Joe just got back from Necker Island (again)

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  • Joe shares some insights from Richard Branson and his trip to Necker Island
  • Why it makes sense to pay to play
  • Having the willingness to do the things that others aren’t ready to do
  • Asking and getting recipes
  • The incredible value of asking the right question